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Wood for boat building

2020-07-13 at 22:02

What boat wood should I choose? This is a question that you need to get answered hopefully before building your boat…

How to choose the wood

There are a few goals we want to optimize for:

On the final product we want:

  1. Durability
  • resistance to rotting
  • resistance to pressure
  • resistance to impacts
  1. Beauty
  • look and feel of the wood

The constraints are:

While building we want:

  1. Easy to work with
  2. Availability
  3. Price

Here are a few woods and their translation in french

Wood name French Spanish German
Ash Frêne Fresno Asche
Red Cedar Cèdre rouge Cedro Rojo rote Zeder
Yellow Cedar Cèdre jaune Cedro Amarillo gelbe Zeder
Sweet Chestnut Châtaigner Castaño Edelkastanie
Cypress Cyprès Ciprés Zypresse
Elm Orme Olmo Ulme
Fir Sapin (Épciea) Abeto Tanne
Iroko Iroko Iroko Iroko Holz
Mahogany Acajou Caoba Mahagoni
Larch Mélèze Alerce Lärche
Oak Chêne Roble Eiche
Pine Pin Pino Kiefer
Sitka Spruce Épinette de Sitka Abeto Sitka Sitka-Fichte
Spruce Épciea Abeto Fichte
Teak Teck Teca das Teak