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Ubuntu & Chrome shortcuts


Most of the time the mouse is just too far. That's why for greater productivity, you must learn these simple keyboard shortcuts on Ubuntu 18.04 and Chrome.

Ubuntu 18.04

Super is the Windows Key. Here is the list of useful ones:

  • Show Activities (open windows): Super Once in Activities list:
  • Use Tab to select the Activity/Window, and Enter to confirm
  • If many windows of same app/Activity are open, move with Tab to the activity and then Arrow Down to show list of windows, finally move with Arrow Right or Arrow Left to select the window.
  • Switch between applications (windows): Super + Tab or Alt + Esc Alt + Esc has a nice highlighting effect to see which window was selected
  • Show Desktop: Super + D
  • Switch Workspace: Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Down/Up
  • Move Window to next Workspace: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Arrow Down/Up
  • Switch "Ubuntu Service" (Desktop, Top Bar, Windows): Ctrl + Alt + Tab
  • Open or Switch (if already open) to Dock Application #n by order in Dock: Super + n, where n is a number key
  • Close Window: Ctrl + W or Alt + F4 or Ctrl + Q
  • Snap window to side: Super + Arrow Left/Right
  • Make window small or full screen: Super + Arrow Up/Down
  • Terminal Open window: Ctrl + Alt + T
  • Terminal Ctrl Shortcuts: Ctrl + Shift + T or C or V etc. Just like everywhere but add the Shift key.
  • Terminal Switch tab: Ctrl + Page Up/Down
  • Like Microsoft Windows "Run": Alt + F2, useful to restart some service etc.
  • Toggle Input keyboard: Super + Space
  • Toggle Notification Tray: Super + M
  • Show Applications Menu: Super + A


And since we are at it, moving between tabs in Chrome is also a game changer:

  • Move to Tab # n={1…8}: Alt + n
  • Move to rightmost/last Tab: Alt + 9
  • Move to next Tab: Ctrl + Page Up/Down open a new window after 9 tabs
  • Close the current tab: Ctrl + w
  • Close the current window: Ctrl + Shift + w
  • Back and Forward in history: Alt + Left Arrow and Alt + Right arrow respectively
  • Reload the page: Ctrl + R
  • Inspect (Developer): Ctrl + Shift + I
  • Hard Reload the page: Ctrl + Shift + R

There is no shortcut for Empty Cache and Hard Reload when the inspector is open. Sad…